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  1. Hi, I need to move pigeons from Nottingham to Bangalore(India). Firstly need to know is the service available if yes what is the cost and how it needs to be packed?


  2. hallo i wanne move my dog back from france to south africa can u please let me know what must i do and the cost please. thank u


    • Hi Ronnie – thanks for contacting us. Could you please send an email to ask@animalcouriers.com with details on the type and size of your dog, the collection and delivery details and a rough idea of when you want your pet to travel. We’ll get back to you with costs and timings. Look forward to hearing from you!


  3. Hi, thank you for your site! What are some countries that I can easily travel to with my dog? I guess I’m asking which countries in Europe and SE Asia have the least restrictions. My 6lbs/2.9 kg dog is a wonderful companion and I want to take him on a vacation in September. I just don’t want to leave him in quarantine for too long. He’s got all of his shots and he’s disease free. I know countries like Australia are difficult. Thank you!


    • Hi Feather – it’s difficult for us to say but your best options would be:

      Option 1: go to http://www.ipata.com and follow links.
      Option 2: get along to the airport and visit the Cargo Departments of the major airlines flying where you want to go. Lufthansa, KLM, Air France (last choice) and BA who will give you an agent to go to. And ask them your questions.

      Good luck!


  4. Hello! I need to transfer my dog (Akita, 30kg) from Prague to Larnaca-Cyprus. Is it possible? And what it would be cost???
    Please answer me as soon as possible!

    Thank you


  5. I shall need to transport either a miniature or standard poodle from either UK or France to Assisi Italy. Would you kindly give me an idea of the costs,


  6. Hello, I need to move my two cats from Murcia, Spain to Tucson, AZ, but the problem is that I will travel in August, when the temperatures in Tucson are above 40ºC. Do you think it will be possible?
    Thank you


    • All travel for pets in hot weather is a cause for concern, we usually advise people to check carefully before making decisions that there is provision for the hot weather, and if there are contingency plans also.

      Most airlines put an embargo in place if they are not able to provide for the very hot weather, so it is possible that if you are expecting to take your pet you may not be able to at this time of the year.

      There are IPATA agents in Spain, go to http://www.ipata.com and follow the links. The IPATA Agent in Madrid is very good and will provide good advice.


  7. Boa tarde, vi um anuncio em que uma senhora estava a dar um rottweiler e que eu só tinha que pagar os custos de transporte, ela disse que vivia em manchester e já não podia ficar com ele gostaria de saber se é possivél fazer o transporte de manchester para lisboa (Portugal )


  8. Hi I would like to move my jack russell puppy (3mnth) from Sardinia to dublin, is this possible? She has all the required vaccinations, eu passport and microchip.


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