Billi and Luna are back with Ariane

These two gorgeous cats were reunited with Ariane yesterday who wrote to let us know how they’re getting on in their new home. It sounds like they have a few new tricks up their feline sleeves… “Billi and Luna have … Continue reading

Our last passengers, Luna and Billi, are now on board

The final members of our passenger list joined the Animalcouriers trip to the UK today. We were very held up by an 11km tailback in the Gottard Tunnel, but Luna and Billi waited patiently for us. Lea and Enya, together … Continue reading

Billi and Luna are swapping Switzerland for the UK

These two gorgeous girl cats are waiting in Zurich to be collected by Animalcouriers later this month. Their owner, Ariane, has told us a bit about each of them and sent us some rather fantastic photos of them. They look beautiful and sound … Continue reading