Collecting dogs from the Filozoikos Shelter

This trip we are bringing a number of dogs to the UK from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, on whose behalf the UK-based Friends of Animals — Nea Filadelfia group works extremely hard, especially finding new homes for the dogs.

Kiki who is in charge of the shelter says they’re caring for more dogs than ever before, and everyone seemed to agree.

While we chatted we didn’t notice a couple of our small blankets had ‘gone missing’. As we started to say goodbye we had to laugh as we saw them being put to good use as raggies for a game of tug o’ war! It was tempting to linger and play with and talk to the dogs, but we had to be on our way.

Entrance to the shelter in the middle of the park

Several of the dogs who live at the shelter

Tug o’ war

Young dog keen to play with a ‘trophy blanket’

Puppies looking for new homes

The shelter team with Kiki, third in from the right. One helper described her as ‘the boss but not bossy’. And they all say that without Kiki, none of this would happen

Cookies from Kiki — made to a traditional recipe with ginger or mixed spice, honey and grape juice — delicious and not too sweet, and would probably go down well with a glass of wine!

7 thoughts on “Collecting dogs from the Filozoikos Shelter

  1. So sad to know all these lovely dogs are needing homes and loved ones. It makes me think of the documentaries we watched about the animals that had to be abandoned in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Since then, our emergency evacuation rules have been changed to allow bringing pets along because of the huge uproar over the previous rule not allowing pets to be included.


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