Sopi gets soaked, while Angel maintains her dignity

Our evening walk was perfect for Sopi and her energetic antics. Catching stones in the river was a great excuse for her to get wet and mucky!

While Sopi frolicked in the river, Angel watched from a distance, preferring to concentrate on sniffing the wild flowers.



13 thoughts on “Sopi gets soaked, while Angel maintains her dignity

  1. Sopi certainly looks like he’d be a handful. Hopefully he’ll have youngsters to help burn off all that energy wherever he arrives. Angel looks like such a lady. So sedate. Both of them bringing joy to their respective households in their own way.


  2. Gunta you are so right, Angel brings great joy to our household! I think I’d like to adopt Sopi too though!! They could teach each other their own lovely ways!!! She looks adorable. Thanks again couriers for a lovely suprise photo!! Didn’t expect another!!


  3. I recognize that face… “it’s not what it looks like, i promise”. I wasn’t expecting this picture either but I’ve been laughing a lot. Sopi is at home with my brother now and in a few hours I’ll be there too.

    Thanks for this awesome service provided. :)


  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you lovely people! Angel is sitting at my feet here in her new Spanish home with me after her lovely journey with you! She used to be so nervous but has calmed down so much after all her new experiences lately. She seems so chilled out and content. What a wonderful service you’ve provided! She will definetly be travelling ‘first class’ with you guys again! Good luck to the lovely Sopi too! Thanks again, enjoy your night off in Moraira!! Very well deserved! Best wishes, Jo


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