Coco is keeping us all amused

Coco the African Grey is great fun to have around. She does amazing phone calls, copying her owner Karen’s voice.

Then she goes into whistling mode and we play games of copycat — or should we say, copycoco — we start with a whistle, then she chips in with her own version.

She will keep us all entranced while she waits to travel on to Nigeria.

Coco the clown

2 thoughts on “Coco is keeping us all amused

  1. I’m having difficulty accessing your web page, courier J!
    But I am glad to hear that CoCo is happy en route with you!

    I leave at 4am tomorrow…arrive in Nigeria 4pm.
    Do you have any news on CoCo’s paperwork and itinery?

    Thanks, K


  2. Hope your flight went well.

    Here’s the latest on Coco: “Coco is wonderful – she has our phone ring off to a tee so when nobody is around she “rings” to get our attention. She hasn’t quite got our dog’s bark quite right but when the dog is lying asleep on the settee, Coco “barks” to wake up her up.”

    L is working away on the CITES export certificate and has been in contact with N.


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