About Animalcouriers

Pet transport and animal shipping services throughout the UK, Europe & overseas

Moving house? Relocating or emigrating? Going to a new forces posting? — and wondering how to transport your pets to your new home? Are you an animal breeder, buyer or welfare group in need of an animal shipping service? Or are you simply looking for a stress-free way to transport your pets to your holiday destination?

Choose Animalcouriers pet road travel and animal air freight services to move your pets, livestock and other animals throughout the UK, mainland Europe and the rest of the world.

If your pet is travelling with Animalcouriers, you can track the journey here on the blog. The blog will also give you an idea of how we work and what you can expect if you choose Animalcouriers to transport your pet.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, visit our website or drop us an email at ask@animalcouriers.com — we’d love to hear from you.

182 thoughts on “About Animalcouriers

  1. Would it be possible to have an update on how the 8 dogs from Greece are doing? More picutres too recording their journey would be lovely, if at all possible.

    • Hi,
      I will look forward to that. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Asproulis. I hope they are all having a good journey. I thought the ‘pin the tail on the dog’ article was great. This website is great – congratulations – it certainly adds a personal and caring touch.
      Many thanks, and Happy Christmas to you all!!

  2. Thanks Rachel – you should now have an update on Asproulis. It’s going to be a very exciting time for eight dogs and their new owners. What lovely Christmas presents for both sets of beings.

    • Hi Louis,

      Looking forward to seeing the hotel when finished and to news along the way.

      Glad you’re enjoying our travels with animals – it’s never dull for us!

      All the best

  3. we thank you for the safe transport of little baby Aikos and all we hope all is well with you
    have great and safe life
    you doing a god thing with traveling safe with our pets
    have a nice traveling and transport in the future
    Roger and Sussie

  4. What great work you are doing! So many loving pet owners have difficulty figuring this out for themselves, so it’s a great service you are offering to keep families united! :-)

  5. I was thrilled to learn last night that I may have sent passengers your way! My good Italian friends have been in contact with you for passage of at least one dog and possibly a cat, from Italy to Ireland – I’m so excited to think I get to see her ‘babies’ here before I meet them in person in Ireland! Hope it all comes true :)

    • Hi – glad you’re enjoying it – as we are yours! We have a particular fondness for donkeys and know the hard and rough times they have at the hands of some humans. The more people can know about how to best look after them, the better their lives will be. Thanks for all your information and enthusiasm ;-)

  6. What a wonderful service you provide! Picking up and moving is hard enough as it is on a family. Knowing ones pet (loved one) is not just being transported, but loved along the way, surely makes the transition easier for your clients.
    Thank you for stopping by and liking my post on ‘aging gracefully’. I appreciate it. All the best and continued success.

  7. I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Your work, here and in life, is amazing. If you’d like to accept it, just drop by my site and copy and paste the award to your site, then follow the (easy) instructions. well done!

  8. What an incredible service you offer! Brilliant and so nice for all the animals in your charge. My husband and I loaded our 2 Shelties in our small SUV and drove west through Canada, from Ontario to B.C. (approx. 4,500 km.) it was a “challenge” that I really must blog about soon.

  9. Congratulations, I’ve nominated you for a blogging award. If you choose to accept, here’s the link to what it’s all about: http://wp.me/pXX8J-1c8.

    Absolutely no hard feelings if you choose to skip the acceptance… I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog.

    • Gunta – thank you so much – think you were the first person to nominate us for a blog award really some time ago. We are most delighted to accept the award but getting round to that bumper blog keeps being put off. We shall do it though. Thanks ;-)

    • Hi Sharron, thank you so much! We’re very touched and will be in contact on the awards front. We’re running hopelessly behind on acknowledgements but we will get there :D

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  11. Hi,
    My name is Laura Evans and I’m Camba’s new owner. It was great to see pictures of Camba on your website but I’m a little worried because I don’t know where I’m meeting you in the UK. I was planning to meet you at Dover. Do you have any details of which ferry line you will be travelling with so I can get directions? Also, where do you go after Dover? It might be easier for me to meet you elsewhere (I’m happy to pay for the extra distance of course) as I’m travelling from Winchester.
    I look forward to hearing from you (and I’m really looking forward to seeing Camba).

  12. Thank you, Animal Couriers!
    I was browsing through new blogs to follow and was immediately impressed by the work you do. It is full of love and with such sweet images too. You truly care about pets, and as a cat-owner myself, I thank you for that.


    Sophie x

  13. Hi, East Midlands Dog Rescue here….we are enjoying following your blog and the adventures of Donna Pepper and Vinny who will be coming here to be rehomed by us….glad you enjoyed your ‘hedgehog supper’! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow or monday…sandy and lynne

  14. Just discovered that although I have been following your wonderful blog I hadn’t been “following”. You do such an amazing and much needed service. Many thanks for the featured photo.

  15. Oh you guys whee just nearly suffered a heart attack after reading on the guinea piggy forum whee go on that ‘Animal Couriers’ had lost a guinea pig! It was another company but really scared the life out of us.

    Whee don’t hear of you having these catastophes! How can they lose an animal under their care though?! Seriously?!



    • Oh goodness piggies, what a horrid story. There are sadly some unscrupulous companies out there who use untrained staff and inappropriate travel accommodation and vehicles. We pride ourselves on our record and are very sorry to hear of this dreadful experience. The only good outcome being that the lost one was found.
      We continue to fight for regulation in the movement of pets. We are Defra registered, our directors have a background in the RSPCA and our vehicles are all custom fitted. We encounter some frightful sights on our journeys.

    • Yup, we don’t tend to have much down time! This is one of the quietest times when it’s too cold to move pets through northern Europe and the rest of the world is recovering from the festivities! It’s getting to be more of a way of life ;-)

  16. Hi….im learning a lot from your blog, i didnt know that there is such kind of service for pet lovers…i wish we have something like this in my country too…makes me want to buy a dog….
    thanks too for visiting Gasm Travels and liking some of my photos. All the best for you this 2013!

  17. It sounds as though you provide a wonderful service to your customers, don’t believe I have heard of anyone doing any similar service here in the U.S. Thank you so much for visting my blog and liking my Word a Week Challenge entry – Clouds! And keep up the great work!

  18. Exceptionally loving post .Very inspiring who to treat animals.Blessings.Thank you for liking my recent post..(..Authentic ….Substance…) Jalal

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  20. I really like your commitment. I am the owner of a former greek stray puppy. He is from a shelter in Rethymno, Crete. We got him from his foster place in Germany close to the french border. He turned 8 this winter. :)

  21. Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the like on the Antoni Gaudi post. It’s always nice to have new visitors!
    What a wonderful and unique service you provide. Kudos!

  22. Wish I had known about you several years ago! Want to know how crazy I am? I bought a motor home to transport my “kids” from my last home in Oregon to my present home in Colorado – darn thing has sat there for the last seven years gathering dust! ROFL

  23. Good morning. I just want to know how much will it cost to transport a little puppy doggy from Pretoria to Western Cape in SA. Thanks

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  28. Ho Ho Ho, it’s us, the new Santa Paws! Christmas was way too short, wasn’t it? So we thought we might just step into the role of Santa Paws and shower you with more presents…

    For more info look here… ;-)


    Congratulations! :-) Oh, and if you don’t do awards or have already received one of those awards, please just take it as a token of our affection. We HEART you and your blog! <3

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  29. Hello Animal Couriers! I’m absolutely delighted you Like my blog enough to Follow. Thank you indeed, much appreciated. What a great site you have. Molly is to die for. What a poppet. And the story of the Christmas reunion in Australia brought a lump to my throat. Great stuff! Will enjoy popping in to catch up. Meanwhile, all the best, be well, R.

  30. I so appreciate your blog. Thank you for all your work in the blogging world and with the amazing creatures you help everyday. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Your stories and pictures help brighten my day.

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  32. Replied to an ad for a Pomeranian pup, upon contacting seller, he asked that I email him for further info & he provided me with an email address. I emailed as requested only to be told that he was actually located in Dundee & not Cumbernauld, Glasgow as advertised. I asked for address as I was willing to drive to Dundee to view pups but was told this wouldn’t be convenient due to work commitments & that I would HAVE to get the pup delivered to me!! (via http://www.uship.com) Told me that once the payment of £200 had been received (via Western Union) I would be given the tracking number by courier to track delivery of my puppy. Found all of this very strange and decided to look into it possible scam & thankfully came across your website highlighting such scams….THANKYOU!! On Googling the email address provided I have come to realise that this “seller” is actually advertising on various websites, selling numerous breeds of pups from various locations around the UK but always using the same email & contact number…. hurkesjurkes@yahoo.com Tel: 07055147739…..Please beware!!!
    PS the “seller” has told me that he will contact me today @ 9am to let me know that my pup is ready for delivery & to make payment as soon as possible…this most certainly WILL NOT be happening & I have also reported him to Omniads…

    • Hello Mrs Boyd – thanks so much for letting us know that our Beware of Scams page tipped you off to what was going on. What a relief. Thanks also for the tip about this particular individual. We’ll be passing on your warning to others to keep an eye out for him!

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  34. Your business has to be one of the most incredibly interesting that I’ve ever heard of. It could certainly for the basis of what would be a very successful book.

    • Glad you find it interesting. We started the blog because there were so many interesting stories to tell — it then became a way for the owners of our passengers to keep up with their pets on the journeys.

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